Pain Management

Conquering body betrayal to regain control of your body

Pain is common difficulty in life that is meant to be short-term. However, when pain takes over the body and mind it threatens they way we enjoy life. The longer we deal with pain, the more our psychological function becomes involved. As we get older the body breaks down and begins to tell us this with the experience of pain. But what happens when the body breaks down before we are ready?

Chronic pain wears on us mentally in ways that we never thought were possible. Do you experience the following:

  • Limitations from your favourite activities.
  • Constant, unchanging sensations in the body
  • Low mood, isolation and irritability
  • Worries about the future and your health
  • Longing for a past life before the pain
  • Been told that your injury healed and the symptoms are in your head
  • Told they can’t figure out why you have symptoms in the first place

If any of these are you, please contact me to discuss how psychological treatment for pain can work for you.

I offer clients a unique approach that blends several treatment methods to help you achieve control over your body and life. To learn more about pain, feel free to click the following buttons below: